Okay, so I’ve been sleeping with someone else…

Did I say someone else? Oops, I meant something else.

Whilst it’s the most productive way to spend 12 hours without actually doing a single thing, there’s actually more to sleeping than just sleeping. Hear me out.

I was recently sent the S+By ResMed to review, which is a personal sleep solution with an app attached to it, to help you sleep better. Now, I’ve been sent a variety of items in the past, including halal chicken nuggets and rainbow hair dye, so am always unconvinced when I get a delivery. But this sounded interesting.

How it works is the app connects to a good-looking piece of hardware, which monitors your sleep patterns and delivers personalised feedback on your sleep habits, bedroom environment and lifestyle. Sensors in the S+ detect key factors that affect your sleep environment including loud sounds, light levels and temperature.


Tracking my sleep for seven days, I found I was only getting an average of three hours of deep sleep a night. Alongside this, I was waking up several times throughout the night which had a big impact on the quality of my sleep – this was coming down to a few reasons, such as alcohol consumption, caffeine intake and stress endured daily.


Whilst I need to continue improving my pre-sleeping habits, I’m already waking up more refreshed, simply by being reminded that I need to continue keeping my room temperature at 68F and light levels low.

Do you have any other tips to getting better sleep? By the sounds of things, it seems I need to stop espresso martini Tuesdays and pimp your prosecco Thursdays.


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