Spun Candy masterclass. First tip, don’t compare your work to others

Given that I have bigger sugar cravings than Baby Spice in her Chupa Chups days, it was with no doubt that I was going to Say I’ll Be There (okay, I’ll stop) to attend a masterclass at Spun Candy.


The class started with an introduction into candy making and an explanation on the ingredients that we were using to make our handcrafted confectionaries.

Once our dedicated Candy Maker showed us the ropes, it was time to get our hands sticky. We chose to make crunchy honeycomb, crumbling fudge (which, let’s say, we fudged up), and mouth-watering brittle. We actually needed a cup for how mouth-watering this turned out!


Boiling sugar, adding flavours, setting and cutting were all a part of the experience. And what’s more is we got to take away bags of our creations.

The 120 minute tutorial is definitely worth doing. I can promise that none of the above was sugar coated.


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