Did someone say free beer?


Being somewhat of the stereotypical gay man, an invite to sample a new generation of lager was like asking me to watch the world cup. Wearing a red and white scarf. At a pub. With men sporting straight. Cut. Jeans. Ew!

However, I popped down to the Pillars Brewery launch event based in the bustling social hub of Walthamstow. Founded by four friends, in 2016, with one mission in mind: To reinvent lager. Pillars Brewery began like all craft breweries ought to: in a garden shed. After a year of experiments, the team succeeded in developing a new lager recipe and swiftly set up shop.


Their first-born beer ‘Untraditional Lager’ will challenge all preconceptions of lager as a boring, tasteless beer. They’ve combined ingredients from all over the world and have created a hybrid mightier than a liger (seriously, look it up!). Their lager is an adventurous combination of a Pilsner and a hoppy American Pale Ale. Throw in four weeks of cold conditioning, a dry hopping finale and you’ve got yourself some damn delicious lager. See me drinking it above.


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