The Worship exhibition… YAAS!


Endless the Artist announced that he would be holding his first major UK solo exhibition at Graffik Gallery, London. The exhibition featured an array of new unseen works, in addition to a special unveiling of collaborative works with legendary art duo, Gilbert & George. Endless also collaborated on an artwork with fashion designer Daniel Lismore, who Vogue described as Britain’s most flamboyant dresser, to add yet another dimension to this exhibition.

Just as an FYI, Endless is a London-based artist working in galleries and prolifically on the street. His pieces depict what he believes is the truth behind advertising, fashion and modern culture. One of his most iconic pieces was a rework of the famous 90’s CK advert featuring Marky Mark – Endless’s interpretation, titled Calvin Classics, presents a man posing in briefs, sporting a military helmet and grabbing his crotch.

The theme of this show was Worship, and each piece on display depicted how modern day society has fallen captive to the world of advertising, branding and fashion. See below for how I feel captive for the exhibition.


In the words of Endless, he commented: “Religion by historic standards is disappearing, rapidly being replaced by materialism and media iconography. The works I unveiled explore this new philosophy, using well-known icons and branding to draw the mind into more complex concepts of wealth, conflict and control.”

The Worship exhibition will run from the 23rd September until the 2nd October daily from 11am – 6pm.


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